Okay… fuck it!

*UPDATE* We’re going for this, still taking pre-orders!

I (Angus) lost a lot of sleep over this but finally said to myself “why not?”. This seems too good to pass up.


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have just announced the release of their new album POLYGONDWANALAND. It is out Friday and they’re doing a pretty interesting experiment. They are giving everyone the “means of production” for it. All the details are over on their facebook.

We love King Gizzard here at Double A-Side HQ (Barbe Rousse is arguably influenced by them) so we’ve decided to go for it. However, to do so we need your help…

We care about our vinyl (I’m sure those who’ve bought a Barbe Rousse album can attest to that!) so decided to make this run as nice as we can. We are aiming to press it to yellow/purple split colour vinyl as those are our favourite colours here at Double A-Side!

Bandcamp Vinyl 12" Template

What we are asking is for you to help us crowdfund this release through pre-orders. Any money we make goes back into funding more gigs and releases so we think it’s a pretty sweet deal!

If we don’t reach our target of 100 pre-orders then we PROMISE to return everyone’s money.

There are, of course, options.

To thank you for your generosity, we are also offering funders the chance to get their name printed at the back of the LP’s artwork for just a few extra pounds. Check out the bandcamp link below to see your options!


So please tell your friends, and let’s make a record happen! xo


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