It’s Friday 16th October in what has been so far a pretty challenging year all round, but we have something to help rectify that! What could that be, you wonder? A new release from Tugboat Captain of course!

Artwork by Alex Christian

Rut sees the London quartet mature from humble DIY beginnings to a fully fledged studio band. Probably assisted by recoding in legendary Abbey Road studios, but also as the band themselves have grown in recent years. However, we’re not going to dwell too much and let the music do the talking. Here’s some of our favourite reviews:

a bombastic exploration of what it means

to find your place in this world

Adam Goldsmith, Secret Meeting

Rut is an album that should be celebrated,

a band out performing every expectation. 

For The Rabbits

Unfortunately, we aren’t due to get the records next week (no thanks to Covid…) however, you can still pre-order it from our online store and check it out on your favourite steaming platform.

Stay safe xo


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