Lockdown Catchup #2: Curdle

Following on from our conversation with Barbe Rousse during lockdown, we dropped our favourite goth-pop band Curdle a line. We had the pleasure of releasing Curdle’s debut album on vinyl last year.

Play It Like A Woman - All-dayer at The Glad CafePhoto by Ingrid Mur
Photo by Ingrid Mur

Let’s see what they’ve been up to:

How are you adjusting to life in lockdown? Have you managed to keep creative? 

Wiggy: I’ve been trying to keep creative as much as I can! It’s hard to keep focused on creative things when there’s so much else going on but it’s so, so good for your happiness. We do have a new song in the works! It’s called Bloodbeat.

Hoggers: It’s about lusting after someone you also want to kill. Luckily we started it before lockdown… Zoom is not conducive to socially distant practices! Life in lockdown is strange. My creativity goes as far as painting and drawing with the wee one at the mo.

Clare: I’ve still been beavering away at my college work so that has given me some sort of creative outlet. Also attempting to teach myself guitar.

Bread making, yay or nay?

Wiggy: I haven’t tried to make bread yet but I’m not very good at cooking! Other Curdles?

Hoggers: Funny you should ask – I just turned the oven on! I made a rhubarb starter last year and have been baking at least 2 sourdoughs a week since then. It’s quite a commitment to keep the wee starter guy alive. Although he can get a bit smelly. Wiggy smelt him once and nearly passed out.

Clare: So far I have mastered banana bread.

Have any of you taken on any new hobbies?

Wiggy: I don’t know if it counts as a new hobby because I’ve had my eyes on one of these since way before lockdown but I just bought an autoharp so my new hobby has been playing that!

Hoggers: And we can’t wait to hear it! I’ve started running three times a week and have been surprised at how addicted I’ve become. It’s amazing how quickly you can get your stamina up and how much it helps your head. What a cliche. It’s so nice to see much more of the local park and notice all of the small changes as things bloom.

Clare: I’ve taken up drinking and peeing in the park with much success.

What are you most looking forward to after this all blows over?

Wiggy: DEFINITELY playing live! And even just practising, seeing all the people I miss, swimming, record shopping, the list is too long actually. Many, many new songs.

Hoggers: Oh yes, playing live. But giving my Curdles a great big squeeze and getting back into the studio even before that. Meeting up with loved ones. Getting in the car and going for a big bloody drive to a loch with a picnic.

Clare:  FRIENDS!!! Especially my Curdles, getting back to the studio, playing live and going to gigs. The pub!!! I miss the pub!!!

Curdle’s album is available on vinyl and your favourite digital platforms. They also contributed a track to our Play It Like a Woman compilation


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