Lockdown Catchup #1: Barbe Rousse

Wow…things are a bit crazy right now, aren’t they? Ongoing global pandemic and all… Anyway, we thought it would be fun to catch up with some of our acts and pals and start a new semi-regular feature on our website. The first being with Barbe Rousse, who regular readers remember as the man behind our first release way back in 2017!


How are you adjusting to life in lockdown?

Initially, like everyone, the beginning was unsettling and daunting – scared for our jobs and loved ones – but the only way to distract myself, in my instance anyway, was to get stuck into making some sweet tunes and banging beats. A lot of people have done the same I believe – turned this negative period into something positive creatively.

So, to actually answer your question, yes, I’ve adjusted a bit too well. Perhaps to the point where re-entering working life will be a bit of a shock to the system!

Can we expect any new music from the house of Barbe Rousse?

Indeed you can! Be prepared for me to clog up your news feed and make your ears bleed. I’ve used this weird period to tie up a lot of musical loose ends and it’s allowed me to finally finish a few songs that have been gathering dust over the last year or 2. Actually, there’s a song in there that’s 7 years old – clearly can’t come up with any new ideas eh?

So said dust gathering songs will take the form of an EP which I have aptly called Factory Settings. Given the current circumstances, I thought it’d be a good time to release new tunes as everyone seems to be discovering new music with all the free time they’ve been given. Mind you, if I want folk to listen to me, I should’ve made a podcast.

What TV shows or films have been keeping you sane?

I think this is a universal feeling at the moment, but Joe Exotic has really helped me through the last few months. And that @%! Carole Baskin. I recommend Ozark, watched it twice, I believe. Done my annual watch of all 3 Mighty Boosh seasons and live shows. Oh, Better Call Saul was class but I need more! And a bit of New Girl to fill in the gaps – 20 mins of easily digestible content. Nick Miller is the man.

My pal Struan and I have been fan-girling over the Muppets so have re-watched some of the classics – Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets from Space. Can’t go wrong.

Any good lockdown stories?

My partner turned 31 a few weeks back and the day before her birthday I bought some candles and a cake. Went to the shops, grabbed a 3 and 1 and nice cake with floral patterns, went to the check out and the cashier then asked me if it was my daughter’s 13th birthday. Now, being a 25-year-old man I found this to be very upsetting so I went home immediately and moisturised. Not really related to lockdown but a story nonetheless.

Oh, I’ve also developed an unhealthy online chess habit. Didn’t think i was going to finish the EP because of it.

A good mate of mine had his appendix out.

What are you most looking forward to after this all blows over?

Can’t wait to go back to licking faces again. Miss that the most. Haha! Nah, I’m really looking forward to going back to work to be honest. Just chatting to folk every day and petting a doggo or two. And gigs of course but I think they’ll be one of the last things to resume, unfortunately. Really looking forward to less posts of banana bread and shaved heads.


Factory Settings is released on June 1st on all major streaming platforms. The tile track is available to stream now. In the meantime, you can check out (or even buy a copy if you’re that way inclined) Barbe Rousse’s debut album Misc. Muses over here.


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